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10 Ways to Boost Your Website Rank in Google Search Results in 2017

10 Ways to Boost Your Website Rank in Google Search Results in 2017

Website ranking in Google and other search engines is the most important factor to boost your business in 2017. There are various ways to do so but we'll cover the top 10 easily doable and achievable ways to get top ranks in Google Search.

These are not new but I'm sure you will get to know a lot of quality things which I'm going to share in this post.

1. User Experience - The most important Factor which most of the website owners ignore: Believe it or not, Google gives the top priority to this factor.

I know this is a bold statement but I'm telling you this from my own recent experience. I will let you know the changes which I made to my websites to improve user experience later in this point.

It's very easy to understand the point. If the website visitor has a good experience then he will stay on your website for quite a long time which will result in LOW BOUNCE RATE (LBR).

If your website has an LBR then your rankings will improve drastically! Now you must be having a question in your mind that how you can enhance the user experience and achieve LBR. Here're a few things which you can do:

a. Impressive and Unique copy: You must have error free copy (text) on your website. You can ask your friend to help you in this or you can hire a professional copyrighter to help you for a few bucks.

It must be unique. To check uniqueness, you can use Copyscape. Unique content is one of the MOST important factors in SEO. It must be impressive so that users can share it with others as well. For sharing, don't forget to use Social Media Sharing buttons on your website!

b. Use Images : The most important factor to keep user engaged is the ratio of text to Images. Your website content shouldn't be only text based. It must have relevant images in the appropriate ratio. I would say 1 image per 200 words or so.

c. Add Smaller Videos : Add smaller videos to your website pages. The ideal length of the videos should be 2 mins to max 5 minutes. The Videos should be relevant to the content of the pages.

2. Meta Tags: Once you've content ready then you must ensure your website has proper:

a. Page Title (Ideal Length 70 words)
b. Page Description (Ideal length 156 words)

To check these 2 parameters, you can use
Your targeted keyword must be present in Page Title, Page Description as well in the URL of the page.
URL should look like

3. Robots.txt : You must have robots.txt file in root of your website i.e it should be visible at

Add this simple code in robots.txt file if you want to allow all search engine bots to access all of your website content.

User-Agent: *

If you're not sure how to generate the robots.txt file, then you can check this:

4. Internal linking : Internal links are as important as outside backlinks. Use proper anchor texts and links to get maximum benefits of internal links.

5. Verify site ownership in Google Webmasters Tool: You need to verify the ownership your website in Google's webmasters tool. If you don't know how to do that, then you can refer

6. Sitemap: Your website must have a sitemap. It's very easy to create a sitemap if you have a WordPress based website. You can use this plugin which is freely available.

If you're not using WordPress, then you can use website.

7. Google Analytics Tool: You must install Google Analytics (GA) Code to your website and analyze the traffic properly.

Most of the website owners don't take this seriously but from GA code, you get to know about very important factors like from which country you're getting most of the visitors, from what all sources you're getting maximum website visitors etc.

You can tweak your website content based on the traffic to maximize the benefits. For e.g. your website is in English and you're getting a significant traffic from Spain then you can consider putting Language Switch option in your website having English and Spanish as languages.

You need to invest a little in translating the content of the website in Spanish but it must be worth it! Similarly, loads of tweaks can be done on your website based on the analysis of traffic from your GA account.

8. Say NO to PAID Links: Never ever think of buying CHEAP backlinks from backlink selling websites. As soon as Google finds that your website link is on SPAM websites then it will penalize your website and this may result in permanent ban from Google search results!

9. Organic Backlinks: Try to find organic backlinks on related websites. For e.g. If you have a fashion blog then you can approach other fashion related blog websites for Guest blog posting.

You can also write about different brands and in return, you can ask them to share that URL of review etc on their websites. You will then get organic HIGH AUTHORITY backlinks.

10. Social Media Traffic : Free and Targetted traffic can easily be drawn from various Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. You can spend 1 hr or so per day on Social media.

The best technique is to answer a question on Quora or Reddit related to your website niche and then sharing that answer on Facebook, Twitter etc. Follow individuals/companies who/which are related to your website niche on Twitter/Instagram.

Install Facebook Pixel code and build an audience of visitors to your website. Whenever you have a new service or product which you want to showcase to your website visitors then you can use that FB audience. Primitivesex There's so much which can be mentioned here. 🙂

Perfect Solution: In order to make your website visible in search engines, you need to put some efforts on the regular basis because if you don't do that, someone else will be doing and they will get better ranks.

It's that simple. You should use WordPress as CMS because WP provides a super easy platform to manage most of the tasks mentioned above.

If you use WordPress then you can choose one of our Professional WordPress themes in most affordable price and if you don't have budget as of now then you don't need to worry as we've Free Professional WordPress themes as well which are available on for FREE download!

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