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How to Make a Website Like a Pro in Less Than 2 hrs?

How to Make a Website Like a Pro in Less Than 2 hrs?

Why does a business need a website in Today’s era?

Websites are the necessity of every business whether it’s online or offline. There are must-have for obvious reasons like:

1. Websites are online brochures of a business. Potential customers of a business can easily find people behind the business, what they offer, their pricing structure, their policies, their contact info etc from their website.

2. Almost everyone uses mobile phones if not laptops. Browsing a website is super easy and finding the URL of the website is also easy by using search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Having a website means opening flood gates of potential customers without much investment!

3. Your website acts as your online visiting card and hence it helps in branding and recognition. It helps you to represent your business in more professional way by having your business emails like

How to make a website like a PRO in less than 2 hours
Now a days, it’s very easy to make or develop a website. You just need to understand the high-level concept behind the website processing without getting much into the technical intricacies.

Step 1 : Get a domain name or URL of your website
Domain name or URL of your website is nothing but a simple text string which helps you in finding your website directly in the browser. is nothing but a domain name or URL of our business.

Similarly, you will also need or website to start your online venture.

You need to REGISTER your domain name with an online registrar which has authority to register .com or or .info or .club etc.

We recommend following registrars:

If you don’t get your desired domain name like then you can opt for another TLDs (Top level Domains) other than .com. There are various TLDs available now a days like .net, .club, .info, .biz, .in,, .club, .xyz and tens of more

But if you’re biased towards .com then you can try some creative names using or or etc.

Step 2 : Get a reliable hosting : Now you’ve the domain name. Now you need a place where you can host your website. The place is known as hosting server and you can easily find a good host by Googling it.

If you’re starting new, then we recommend you BlueHost. You can choose one of their Shared Hosting plans. We recommend Bluehost because they are very much reliable and gives a very simple interface to setup the website.

Step 3: Change DNS IPs in your domain control panel: Once you have the hosting and domain name then you need to link both. This linking happens through DNS (Domain Name Server) IPs or URL which are provided by your hosting company and you put those into your domain control panel.

Check this article for Where to find your DNS IPs in BlueHost
Check this article to change DNS of your domain name at Godaddy

Step 4 :
 Install WordPress, World’s # 1 Content Management System, to your hosting server.

WordPress is a content Management System using which you can easily make your website even if you don’t have much technical knowledge. WordPress is an open source software so you don’t need to pay a dime to use it!

In order to install WordPress software to your web server at Bluehost, you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Download WordPress software from
    Click here to download it => This link will always download the latest WordPress core zip from

  2. Login to your BlueHost Account and you’ll see a File Manager icon as shown below, click it.
    You will be redirected to public_html directory of your web server, where you need to UPLOAD the zip which you downloaded above from

    Once uploaded, you need to select that file and then click on EXTRACT option at the top, in the same row as UPLOAD option as shown below :

    Once extracted, you will see wordpress directory and within that directory you will have all the files needed for your website.

    We can move ahead with this and install WordPress but currently as the setup files are within wordpress directory so your website will go live at which we don't want.

    We want the website to be at so we'll take all the files from wordpress and put them into website root directory which is public_html (where wordpress directory is present).

    To do so, click on wordpress directory, now once you're inside that directory, choose Select All option at the top and then click on Move File option as show below :

    When it asks for path, just remove /wordpress from the path and click on Move File(s) button as shown below so that all the files move to public_html folder.

    3. We'll have to perform following 3 tasks in this step.

    Task# 1. Create Database.
    Task# 2. Create a user to access that database.
    Task# 3. Assign that user to the created database and give him full privileges.

    To perform all these 3 tasks, you need to click on MySql databases link as shown below:

Task # 1 : When you click MySql databases, you will see a page where you will see an option to create a database. You just need to enter a name and click on Create Database button as shown below.

That's it! Your database will be created after that. Just note this database down as we'll be using it in WordPress installation.

Task # 2: Now we'll create a user. On the same page, you will see an option to create an user as well.

Enter a name, then click on Password Generator button which will help you in generating a password and then note the same password and then use the same password. Please note down the username and password for this user.

Task # 3 : Option to assign permissions to this user to access the database is available just under the option to create the user. Select the User and then database and then click on Add button.

Select ALL PRIVILEGES option as shown below and then click on Make Changes button. That's it.


4. Now open your URL in the browser:, WordPress installation Wizard should open and it should ask for following fields:

Database Name, Username, Password => These fields you've noted down when you created the database, username and user password.
In Database host, put localhost
In table prefix, there is no need to change the default value

Once you submit this it will confirm the database connection and will show the following screen :

It will then ask for other information which you will use when you want to login to admin panel :

After entering all this information, click on Install WordPress button and it'll install WordPress and will show you a success screen with the login link. You can then log in to your WordPress admin panel with the credentials you entered above.

Step 5: Select and Install an Impressive WordPress Theme : Now as you've WordPress Installed so your visitors will see a website up and running when they visit your domain name

But that website will be based on default Porn videos WordPress theme and won't look good as it's like a simple blog. So now, the next step is to choose an attractive WordPress theme for your website.

You can choose a Pro WordPress theme from our collection of Professional WordPress Themes and if you don't have budget, then you can also choose a FREE theme from our collection of Free Professional WordPress Themes.

After selecting a theme, you can install it easily by following this tutorial. After installation, you can follow the documentation of the theme to add your own content.

If you're using any of our premium WordPress themes, then you get an option to import the demo data in just 1 click and you get a website within 5 minutes. 

After the import is done, you just need to change the content and images as per your business needs.

That's it 🙂

If you like this tutorial then please consider sharing this on social media and if you've any questions, then feel free to ask those in the comments section.