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Dear fellow Internet Marketers and Business Owners…

Do you know the success formula of all the successful businesses now a days ?

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Viral Content.

What’s Viral Content ? Viral Content is mostly a Video or Image which people share with their friends if they are surprised or Amazed or Shocked by it !

When they share with their friends then their friends also share with their friends and it keeps on going..

This is known as Going VIRAL… on social media.

When a Video or Image goes Viral, then the Facebook page or Twitter account which is associated with that Image/Video also get popularity and people like / follow that Page in order to get notifications for more such INTERESTING content in the Future !

This results in more FANS/FOLLOWERS i.e. POTENTIAL LEADS. Now Page Owners can POST any Interesting offer or notification in order to get SALES and they don’t have to pay anything for advertising as they already have hundreds of thousands of users who will get notification. This strategy is called VIRAL Marketing.

Creating viral content takes weeks and sometimes months. Because what you think will go Viral, might not interest rest of the world. Makes Sense, Right ? So the best way to go viral is to FIND a viral content which went Viral in the past and use that content to create VIRAL content for you (Modify it or use as it is if there are no copyright related to it) because as per the research what went viral in the past will surely go viral in the Future too.

But now the problem comes from where to Find the Viral Content which is SPECIFIC to your Business / Niche ?
Is there any website or tool which can help in finding Viral Content for any niche ?

We were also facing the same issues and hence we developed an easy to use WordPress plugin which does all the hard work for you in finding the Viral Content in just SECONDS !

Yes, in seconds you find Viral Content For any business/niche from Facebook.

Introducing ViralPress Pro

Find Viral Content From Facebook Within A Minute.

Filter Data Based On Likes/Shares For A Particular Page

Download The Data On Your PC/Mac

Post The Data Directly On Your Facebook Pages/Groups/Timeline and even Friend’s Timeline.

Generate More Fans, Followers, Leads and even Paid clients.


Pro Plugin Features

Works With Every WordPress Website.

Fetches Unlimited Videos and Images Per Page

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Sorting And Searching Filters

Posting On Facebook In Just 1 Click

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