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Why You Should Build a WordPress Website

Why You Should Build a WordPress Website

Why WordPress?

With the proliferation of the web and customers increasingly trying to find answers online, from where to eat, what to buy and what to do, it is more important than ever for businesses to have a website.

But the task of building a website can feel overwhelming. A common question we get is how one should go about building a website. What tools and platform should they use?

Having worked with hundreds of clients, and been in the business for over 10 years, we have personally tried many different platforms. No approach is perfect but WordPress gives you undeniable advantages which is why we believe that for the majority of people, small or large businesses, freelancers and individuals alike, a WordPress website is the way to go!

Whether you’re building a simple one-page website, blog, or more elaborate website, using WordPress can be beneficial for numerous reasons. We’ll outline the major reasons below

1. Flexibility to Create Any Type of Website You Desire

The options are endless. You can create almost any type of website you desire due to the flexibility WordPress provides. While WordPress is popularly known as a blogging system, it can be extended to create much more elaborate websites.

For example:




Business website









Social / Community

Social / Community


Internal Business Processes (e.g. employee management)

Internal Business Functions


2. Extensive Number of Pre-Built Plugins

Do not try to build from scratch what is already available. One of the most powerful things about WordPress is the extremely large community. At the time of this post, there are 51,319 plugins available on alone.

Being able to leverage pre-built plugins is powerful as it frees your resources to focus on your core business operations rather than building and maintaining your website. Pre-built plugins are much more affordable than building functionality from scratch, which can cost $10,000+ depending on the features.

Whereas a pre-built plugin can be free or cost less than $50 per month. Not to mention the time you save, not having to manage the development of a custom plugin or functionality.

The pre-built plugins will generally be better tested as there will be many others using the plugin and reporting bugs. In addition, paid plugins may have support included for the cases where you do run into an issue.

3. Extensive Number of Pre-Built Themes

Another major cost in building a website, is the design. There are 14,864 themes on alone, not to mention the numerous themes available on marketplaces and by theme developers.

A custom design done from scratch could run you a few thousand dollars, whereas, a pre-built theme which is professionally built can be either free or less than $100.

Leveraging the large community of WordPress and the numerous buyers allows developers to sell their work at a lower price and allows you as the buyer to enjoy the economies of scale. It’s a win-win and a no-brainer.

4. Loads of Freebies

WordPress is an open-source community. Many people contribute to the development of WordPress, which allows for the growth and development of the platform and community.

What this means for you is that there is an abundance of freebies. There is extensive number of free themes, plugins, resources and help all around. It really is about sharing and caring.

At IndigoThemes we believe in contributing to the community, as such, our team work tirelessly to develop many free themes and we are continuing to add to collection.

5. Easy to Find Answers to All Your Questions

Again, the community plays a big role in making it easy for you to find help to all your questions. No matter how much better WordPress is, there is still always a learning curve and you’ll eventually hit roadblocks, such is the reality of web development.

But luckily you won’t have to pull your hair out in frustration as you’re likely not the only one to encounter that scenario or have that question. There are many blogs, forums and support groups. Even a simple Google search will usually solve many of your problems.

6. Hosting Your Website Becomes Easier

Development, design and hosting are usually the core components to building a website. With WordPress, hosting is extremely easy. Because WordPress is so widely used, almost all major hosting providers have made it extremely easy to host a WordPress site.

Most of them now have 1-click WordPress Installation applications. You don’t have to worry about all the configurations. Having your website hosted is as simple as one click – it doesn’t get easier than that.

7. Time Tested

WordPress has been around since 2001, therefore, it is a mature and stable product. You can trust it to work.

8. Trusted by the Largest Companies

Large companies with deep pockets, extensive research and knowledge, generally still use WordPress for their business website and blog. Even technology based companies such as Facebook whom employs over 1,000 developers uses WordPress for their newsroom.

The logic is simple, their developers focus on building out the product, the Facebook application, which is their core business proposition. Why invent the wheel and waste precious development resources to build a content management system from scratch?

Large companies also trust the robustness of WordPress to handle their scale. These companies handle large traffic volumes, Facebook receives over 20 billion sessions a month, which requires a robust platform.

We figured, if these companies trust WordPress, so can we.

9. Easy to Use Even if You Don’t Know How to Code

WordPress is fairly intuitive and it’s easy enough to use even if you don’t know how to code. In fact, you can build a website without touching a line of code by utilizing pre-built themes and plugins.

Many configurations can be changed from the admin dashboard. Also, some themes include friendly drag and drop interfaces that make it dead simple. You’ll never have to look at daunting lines of code!

10. Abundance of Affordable Labour

The large community of WordPress users and developers means that there is a large supply of developers, and when there is a large supply, the price usually comes down.

That’s why relative to other more obscure platforms and programming languages, WordPress developers and designers are much more affordable.

11. Continuous Improvements

WordPress continuously releases updates, about twice a month or so. This is extremely valuable as you’ll be able to leverage the continuous improvements they provide, including bug fixes, security updates, added features and speed increases.

12. Best Platform for SEO

WordPress is SEO friendly right out of the box. It was built with SEO in mind and even as novice, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits without having to do a thing. A few things it handles includes:

  • Permalinks
  • Title tags & headings
  • Optimized content
  • Site Speed
  • Mobile optimization

In addition, you can download plugins that will help you go beyond the basics, so you can enjoy the SEO expertise of others packaged into an easy to use tool.

13. Safety and Security

WordPress takes security seriously. Not only has it been time tested it continues to work on improving its security. It has a dedicated security team that includes lead developers and security researchers.

Coupled with their fast release cycles, you can rest assured that it’s a fairly reliable platform. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to be concerned about security though.

You still must take proactive measures to ensure your website is secure as added plugins, themes, etc can expose vulnerabilities and leave your site at a security risk.

14. Administrative Dashboard

WordPress has a very user friendly administrative dashboard that allows you to customize and manage your site. Many website customizations can be done through this user interface instead of having to dive into the code.

You can essentially build and manage your website from the user interface if you choose to. In addition, the front dashboard can give you a high level overview of your business, with the help of some additional plugins, you can set it up to see stats that are important to you and your business.

For example, the number of sales for the month, website traffic, comments etc.

15. Easy to Maintain

Websites must be maintained over time, whether that’s ensuring your website continues to work with new WordPress releases or whether it’s adding or updating content and features on your website.

WordPress makes it easy to maintain your website because of the administrative panel and constant updates. Adding new pages and posts is as simple as clicking a button from the admin panel and clicking publish.

Many plugins and themes also provide updates as well which will ensure your site continues to work with newer WordPress releases.


We hope to have provided a compelling argument to why you should use WordPress to build your website. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, and rightly so.

According to a 2016 Forbes article, nearly 75 million websites around the world use WordPress, that’s a testament in itself as to why you should use WordPress but we hope our deep dive allowed you to grasp the particular reasons why.

Here at IndigoThemes we practice what we preach, not only is our website built with WordPress but we actively contribute to the community, building free and premium themes to help add to the ease of use in using WordPress.

The possibilities are endless. We wish you the best of luck in your website creation journey!