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Why You Should Start a Blog

Why You Should Start a Blog

Getting Traffic
Blogging is still one of the cheapest ways to get traffic long-term. There is a lot of upfront work but once your blog has garnered enough content, it will continue to drive in organic traffic down the road.

Long-Term Scale
Pay per click has become fairly expensive. Many online digital products, even WordPress themes which is the business we are in, becomes commoditized, making pay per click too expensive per acquisition.

Also, it’s an auction market, and with the vast amount of competitors bidding and driving up the prices, it can become costly. If you don’t have a proper game plan, your money will essentially become a donation for Google.

Differentiate Your Business
On the other hand, blogging allows you to truly differentiate your business. Seth Godin talks about the importance of this. When you think of your business and brand, you need to think of the image you’re portraying to the market and what it represents.

Usually that’s more than what you’re selling. For example, Apple really was just selling computers when it started out. They could have bought basic PPC ads and positioned themselves as a computer business.

Victoria Secret could have just sold bras and panties. Again, they could put up ads for ladies searching for underwear to buy online. That would commoditize them and they would have been lost in the big field of unknown computers and panties that proliferate our world.

There are countless of panties out there and to me they are just the same at the end of the day. Yeah, you could differentiate them with different colours and designs, just as you could differentiate the computers with different specs, but that matters so little to us at the end of the day.

Instead Apple and Victoria Secret are well known to us because they’ve captured our hearts and minds. Apple has allowed us to see into the depths of our own souls, because when we hear their message, we really are touched by their vision to be different and to innovate. Victoria Secret touches our innate desire for beauty, love and sexuality.

How does this all relate to blogging? Blogging is another medium for you to provide your unique message. It allows customers to get a glimpse into your personal or company’s world, what you stand for, what you’re working on, and why it even matters. It allows you to connect with people who care about the same things.

Connect With Our Customers
When we stare at our computer screens, we sometimes forget that this device is connecting you across seas, mountains, to space and back, and allows you to interconnect with billions of individuals around the world.

Each of them with their own life, joys, and problems to solve just as your own. When we blog, we are trying to connect using words, to each and everyone of those individuals to share our message and to hear their message.

What are our customers working on? What problems do they have? It also allows us to share our story. We too are a company with the same challenges and experiences you have. We may be in different industries with different expertise but we are connected because we’re providing solutions to help each other.

Share Your Values
We like to think of ourselves as more than just a company that sells WordPress themes. We’re also an online business, we’ve also have families, and thus we want to give you a glimpse into how we run our own business, and what we learn along the way.

Increase Credibility
With a blog, you can accomplish multiple things. The first thing is you’re building a community out of your customers, getting recognition on the internet.

This recognition now is often determined by your credibility in the market and oftentimes Google determines your worthiness through it’s rank of your website’s credibility. Having great content is a big indicator of your online credibility and if you have something of value to share, this will be well received, viewed and shared by your audience.

Secondly, you’re differentiating and creating value beyond the relatively dull products or services you sell.

Thirdly, it can be quite a fun and creative process. Blogging can also help clarify your ideas and plans for the future. If you’re not a good writer, you could try vblogging or podcasting.

Just don’t give yourself an excuse. Countless companies and individuals have found immense benefit from having a blog. It just requires a bit of patience to build up your audience but it will be worthwhile.

Let us know your own blogging experiences.

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